Thinking New Forms is an overview of my significant creative projects. Several themes and concepts are integral to my work: the transformation of the everyday or common through perception and context; the use of chance operations; the formalization and implementation of a system; working with series and those series being unstable and in flux; an oeuvre that intentionally is decentralized and marginalized, to name a few. Each theme and concept, approach and material, named and unnamed, is a tool utilized to establish new forms. My interest involves creating unique works that push conceptual boundaries. My concern is the interrogation of my consciousness and imagining art that, while remaining unique, also serves a function. That function is the liberation of consciousness. I work in a multitude of mediums. Most projects combine analog and digital elements. Each project is represented by a concept poster promoting an exhibition of the series.

Painting With A Camera - Art
Jenna Annunziato – Portraits
A Literature Of Ideas
Mediated Images
AR (Augmented Reality) Art
Printist Interview
To Juxtapose The Past With A Fixed Time And Place
Paintings On Paper
Painting With A Camera - Flowers - Series 2
Abstracting and Erasing
Digital Build: Methods Of Thinking
A Report From The Edge Of Consciousness
Honor Thy Error As A Hidden Intention
Painting With A Camera: Flowers - Series 1
Art Montage: Fractal Consciousness
31 Details From A Photograph
The Surface Of The World
Film - Six Minutes And Twenty Seven Seconds
Photomontage - Sequence 4
Photomontage - Sequence 6
Photomontage - Sequence 1
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